Work Process

Easy Fast and Simple Interface

Buy and Sell stocks with our intuitive and easy interface

Low Brokerage

Variety of low brokerage on Intraday and Delivery as per suitability

Award Winning Research

In House research with intraday, short term and long term delivery option

Live Charts and Market outlook

Live market open interest, news, option chain, and various trading data available

Integration with Third Party Applications

Now you can invest in shares with Smallcases, Streak, Sensibull and many more

Integration with ALGO Trading

Connect and trade with variety of ALGO Application like Meta stock etc

Smart API

Now its a dream come true, You can make your own codes for

Invest in US Stock

Now you can invest in US Markets with few clicks

Work Process
Work Process

Live Option Chain and Open Interest

Analysis on Index, Sector, Shares is much Easier and Faster on App

ARQ Prime

A Rule Based Investment Engine Provides Recommendation set of rules i.e. free from Human Intervention. It adopts the time-tested and proven rules for investing in stocks

Trade from anywhere

Now trade with either web or mobile platforms to invest

Easily monitor Profit

Track your Family Portfolio in one Place

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Invest Anywhere & Anytime

Don't very about which device to use, Because we're every one of them.

  • Stay in the top of everything.

  • Always in Sync

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